Interoperability Analysis & Specification

MIRTH™ Support

HL7 Interfaces Development & implementation

Mirth Certification

HLCA is proud to announce the MIRTH™ Certification of Henk Lacour

HL7 – IHE standards
Our solutions rely on healthcare connectivity standards as well on tailor-made integration.

We support standardisation in Healthcare integration and we are capable of creating and validating solutions against the standards HL7, IHE in specific domains.
Healthcare IT solutions in multi-hospital & regional networks need specific approaches to handle multiple patient identifiers.

HLCA has experience in large scaled healthcare integration projects, and brings this multi-domain know-how into new and ongoing projects.
Hospital Medical Workflows
HLCA has a broad experience in patient data, patient visit & encounter management and the diffusion of that data into the Healthcare network.

From order and appointment to medical result, radiology RIS/PACS or laboratory, we assist in the transformation from a paper workflow to an automated flow driven by solid connectivity.
Medical Data migration
As new software systems in hospitals need historical data from previously used software systems, migration of legacy data is a dedicated topic, which should fit into a global project rollout plan.

HLCA delivers data migration services from the definition of the requirements, the how-to and the actual migration plan for production systems.